Cybergate International

Cyber security and penetration testing company

Cybergate International

Cybergate is a Maltese cyber security consulting and penetration testing firm that offers a wide range of cyber security services in a variety of technology areas. Our goal is to identify and remove cyber security vulnerabilities and risks in your organization before malicious actors do. Amongst other services, Cybergate offers penetration testing, cyber security awareness training, E-mail phishing as a service and cloud security assessments. With over ten years of experience in the cyber security industry, we have had the ability to partner with a wide range of industries, including banking, legal, and retail, as well as businesses of all sizes. At Cybergate, we aim to stay ahead of the competition by recruiting and retaining the best business talent. Our experts will provide high-quality assessments while effectively communicating their conclusions and remediation recommendations to all levels of the organization, thus eliminating cyber protection risks.

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11th July 2021

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