Ivy Wallet

Take control of your finances and live a stress-free life.

Ivy Wallet

Ivy Wallet helps you track your spending, manage your budget, and plan future payments with a modern budget manager app.

Our goal is to help you know three things:

1) How much money do you have right now?

2) Where did you spend your money?

3) What upcoming bills and subscriptions you have to pay?

Track. Plan. Save.


- Track income

- Track expenses

- Transaction history

- Multiple Accounts

- Available Balance

* combined from all accounts

* balance for each account

- Transfers between accounts

- Your own categories

* Organize transactions in your own way by creating the categories you need.

- Planned and recurring payments

* Automate upcoming monthly or yearly expenses

* Automate upcoming income and salary

* Plan future spending (for example, like your next vacation or investment)

- Savings Buffer

* Achieve your savings goal by setting a "Savings Buffer" and Ivy will tell you much more you can safely spend.

- Expenses PieChart

- Income PieChart

- Transactions and cashflow for each category by month

- Balance statistics

* based on planned payments and cashflow

- Never lose your transactions by syncing them securely with the Ivy Cloud.

- Stylish Light & Dark theme

Always stay in control of your money.


* Multi-currency NOT supported, yet

* Sub-categories NOT implemented, yet

* Android only (until we make some revenue to hire an iOS dev, too)

Ivy Wallet is a young and actively developed product that introduces new features and improvements on a weekly basis. So your feedback and support will be highly appreciated!


* up to 3 free accounts

* up to 5 free categories



- Monthly plan:

* $5/mo (billed monthly)

- 6-Month plan:

* $4/mo (billed $24 every six months)

- Yearly plan:

* $3/mo (billed $36 yearly)

* local taxes may apply and slightly increase the price

You can cancel it anytime.

What makes Ivy unique?

- User Interface

- User Experience

- Built with passion for people by people.

Featured on
15th August 2021
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