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ViSPR Network

Welcome to ViSPR - The Do-Follow Backlinks Exchange Network. Dominate the Google Search Rankings & supercharge your SEO in no time with instant high-quality backlinks from a hand-curated network of Startup partner pages.

The Product:

This product includes an Embed Code with the Partner Directory for your own website AND you are able to add your website to the directory list. When your website is added to the directory, you will automatically receive a do-follow backlink from all other connected partner websites - spanning a huge SEO net for the Google spider to find you.

Startup Categories:

We currently support the most common startup categories, like Teamwork, Sales & Marketing, Web Development, Service Providers, and eCommerce. Each with a range of subcategories.

Each new listing will automatically grow the directory and instantly reflect on your website. The more partners join the network, the more effective the SEO power becomes!

New Categories:

If your business does not fit the startup categories above just send us a category request. We are able to create a tailor-made niche directory when we register enough interest in a particular niche, especially for any new niche categories.

How does it work?

After your subscription, just download a PDF with all instructions. You need to fill a form to submit your business to our directory. Then you will receive the embed code that you can add to your own website.

What if your business does not match our directory?

We retain the right to approve or reject your application or create a new directory to fit your niche interest. If you should reject your application for whatever reason, we will instantly refund any payment that you have made!


Please remember that SEO is a long-term game. Don´t expect your Google rankings to jump overnight. It will take a few months to consistently rank your website higher. In our case study, it took us 3 months to dominate Google search for a certain keyword combination. Your individual results will vary and be different for every keyword!

Important to know:

You will receive the SEO power only as long as your subscription is going on. When you cancel your subscription, we will remove your listing from the directory and all the backlinks will be gone and take that SEO power away.

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14th June 2021
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