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29th September 2022

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  • Ever wanted to get into options trading? Have you got into options trading and just don't feel comfortable investing in it or possibly just because of today's market you aren't sure if it's the right move?

    I come to you today with our crypto binary options platform POPCOIN.GG - A binary options platform made easy. So, what is BINARY options? Basically, it just means that the options contract only has two outcomes. What are they for our platform? Well here's the set up:

    Click "higher or lower" to predict which direction a particular crypto currency will go in the next 60 SECONDS. Guess the prediction right AND WIN 60% of the amount you wagered! Lose, and you lose the wagered amount. Your wager can be as low as 0.0005 ETH.

    Simple as that. 60 seconds could give you as much as a MINIMUM of 60% and don't need to worry about brokers or insane amounts of cash you need to fork out for leverage.

    We encourage anyone to check it out. We even have a FREE FUN MODE, so you can test out the concept or just have a bit of fun guessing price trajectory on crypto.

    We would love any and all feedback! We really tried to make the platform SIMPLE and FUN for everyone.

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