Hey there! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Awesome Indie is a clean and simple alternative to startup directories like Product Hunt, StartupBase, BetaList, and Launching Next.

There are two main differences from those product index websites:

  • Only real indie products made by independent makers or small teams are allowed
  • Only one product gets featured per day


Nowadays more and more enterprise company products are submitted to Product Hunt, overshadowing the projects made by small independent makers. Awesome Indie tries to bring some joy to the indie maker community by only accepting submissions of products created by indie makers or independent teams.

How can I submit my project?

If you are an indie maker yourself or if you know a product made by one you can submit it to the database by filling out this form.

I've submitted my product, now what?

Now your project is pending review. I'll make sure your product fits indeed to the indie category and after that, it will be placed on the queue. As there is only one product per day that gets featured it can take a while until your product shows on the homepage.

Right now, there is no way for the user to know in which queue position their submitted products are, so message me on Twitter if you want to know when your product will eventually get featured.