Frequently asked questions

What is Awesome Indie?

Awesome Indie is a small directory for makers and micro-startup founders to share their projects and get feedback from the community.

Who can create an account on Awesome Indie?

Awesome Indie is a platform dedicated to makers, solo founders, investors, mentors, and enthusiasts, but anyone can sign-in, create a user profile and start contributing by upvoting or submitting products.

How do I create an account?

To create a user account and profile you must go to the login page and sign-in using one of the three available providers (Google, Twitter, or GitHub).

How do I submit my startup?

To submit products you first need to be authenticated and then go to this page and fill out the submission form..

What type of products can I submit?

We allow submissions of products made by solo-makers or startups bootstrapped by small teams are allowed. Also, the product should have a dedicated website.

I've submitted my product, now what?

Now your product is pending review. After it gets reviewed and accepted, it will be placed on the listing queue. As there is a limited number of products featured each day it can take a while until your product get listed.

I've submitted a product and it is with a black thumbnail. How can I fix it?

You don't need to worry about it. Our API will automatically take a screenshot of the website of your product once it gets reviewed and accepted.

How can I check the status of the products I've submitted?

You can check the status of your submitted products in the my products page.

Why has my startup not been featured?

It has either not been reviewed yet, or wasn't accepted.

How long does the review process takes?

It usually takes around a week for a product to get reviewed.