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30th April 2021

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  • AcquireBase is a marketplace for buying and selling internet startups (side-projects, micro-SaaS, Chrome extensions, Shopify stores, etc.) for free.

    Think of Flippa but without any fees to post a startup for sale. There is absolutely 0% commission on a successful sale. Unlike other marketplaces, it doesn’t ask you to pay or unlocking offers too.

    AcquireBase also offers built-in integration with - a licensed escrow service used by the world’s leading brands like Shopify Exchange, GoDaddy, and Uniregistry - to allow buyers to securely buy a startup.

    💡Selling a side-project or a micro-SaaS? List it on AcquireBase now and we’ll share it with the buyers’ community to help you find a buyer. It’s absolutely free and doesn’t cost anything (except 5 minutes of time).

    💰 Looking to buy a profitable micro-SaaS? Join AcquireBase for free to discover incredible new startups for sale every week. You can easily get in touch with a seller to make an offer or ask a question.

    ✨ Want to get early access to new listings? Join AcquireBase Premium™ for 7-days exclusive access to incredible micro-SaaS and side-projects with great potential. Reach-out to sellers 7-days earlier than other buyers to start a negotiation. Receive an instant email notification for every new startup. Give you time to review, negotiate, or make an offer before everyone else.

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