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12th October 2022

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  • Bestlist is a search engine that is focused solely on helping users discover the best of anything. We do this by aggregating millions of data points, reviews, and comments, and processing it with our proprietary machine learning models.

    All of our results are non-biased, non-paid, and are dynamically generated via our search algorithm. It is also private. We highly respect your privacy, and we pledge to never share your personal data with advertisers or other third parties.

    Other features:


    If you’re feeling strongly about a search results, you can up or downvote the listing to voice your opinion. When you vote, you’ll be asked to state why you voted. This gives other users better insights into the listing.


    With collections you can easily save and keep track of all of your favorite listings. Collections can be public or made private, and they’re easily edited, reordered, and shared.


    If you find that we’re missing a result for a particular query, you can easily submit it as a suggestion. We’ll review it, and publish it if it makes the cut.

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