Blixem Tab Manager

Save your tabs into sharable workspaces

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1st March 2022
Browser Extension

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  • Customize your browsers new tab screen with Blixem tab manager.

    Why use

    It does everything you wish your browser would do, like viewing tabs vertically across all windows, saving windows & tabs into workspaces for easy sharing & collaboration, easily putting tabs to sleep, launching workspaces with tab groups in one click, and more!

    Blixem features:


    -- Share spaces with others to comment and collaborate

    -- Organize workspaces with tab groups and sections

    -- Launch all sections with a single click

    -- Use Chrome's grouping feature to visually organize your tabs in the browser

    Windows overview

    -- Drag and drop tabs across any open windows

    -- Save and close tabs

    -- "Sleep" tabs to save memory and speed up your computer

    Customize your homepage with widgets

    -- Add quick links for easy access to your favorite sites

    -- Open frequently visited sites by using Chrome's Top Site feature

    -- Pin workspaces that are frequently used

    -- Restore recently closed tabs & windows with a single click

    -- More widgets in development & ideas are always welcome!

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