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  • BrainTool is unique. It's a topic manager that lives inside your browser and helps you track, manage and annotate all of your online stuff. I'll let it's app store reviews speak for themselves:

    - I've been using BrainTool for several months now and I've been thrilled with it...The really great thing in BrainTool is the ability to save notes along with the link...The keyboard shortcuts also make it incredibly quick and easy to use

    - This is becoming a powerhouse productivity tool! It is Bookmarks+Sessions+Outliner in one place...also, the whole idea of basing this on an org file is just brilliant!

    - I've used Session Buddy and OneTab. This is far superior...8 months later BrainTool absolutely still deserves 5 stars

    - the reason I am leaving 5 stars is because of tagging, categorization, and notes taking that is clean and visible.

    - BrainTool has helped me get my life organized in a way that I never thought possible.

    - 5 stars for the amount of smart thinking that went into this, for the's a brilliant tab manager and you can use it to save content to hierarchies (topic maps) that work for you.

    - it's a lifesaver, and a game-changer for productivity and digital well-being...I especially love this project's Philosophy

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10th December 2021
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