Uncover 1000+ Communities to Promote your Product


Communitable is a database that helps you find where your ideal customers are hanging out online & then engage with them instantly.

It covers 1000+ communities that share advice, stories & shared interests across

⦁ 300+ Facebook Groups

⦁ 300+ Slack Channels

⦁ 250+ Discord Servers

⦁ 250+ Subreddits

⦁ 50 Circle/Independent Communities

The data can be aligned to fit individual end users business, customers and promotional strategy. For example entries can filtered by data points like:

⦁ Industry/Topic Categories

⦁ Online Platform


⦁ Sign Up details

⦁ Member Count

⦁ Community Description

⦁ Costs

⦁ Submission Guidelines

⦁ Podcast

⦁ Content Promotion Rules

⦁ Sponsorship Opportunities

It also includes invaluable data on:

⦁ Community content promotion rules

⦁ Best times/days to promote

⦁ Threads/areas in to promote/engage in

⦁ Best practice submission for relevant communities

⦁ Admin/Community contacts to help foster relationship and not get bounced

Stack used to make it:

Stack used: Carrd + Airtable + Gumroad

Featured on
2nd October 2021

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