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  • Contenive is responsible for leading the management of social media profiles – especially relating to smaller companies. We diligently take care of copywriting, design and posting. Our work will unite your corporate platforms into one ecosystem, which translates to a consistent message being transmitted among the many platforms on which you are present. So, you receive maximum coverage.

    When it comes to business profile management, we have found the perfect solution: a highly engaged workforce and industry-leading software. The result is cheaper, time conscientious results through a concoction of AI tools and raw human talent in the form of a content creation system.

    Our connected ecosystem comprising corporate accounts incoporating every social media site has a unified content plan. This way, your messages garner the same tone on every account you integrate. This approach means more organized and less sporadic posts, a more robust overall social media outlook, as well as the possibility of reaching a broader audience.

    Proprietary Content Creation System:

    Copywriting System

    Helps to guarantee your content is:

    aligned creating drafts that match the company’s specific niche;

    mapped according to the specific focus of your company;

    presented with an acceptable number of characters;

    organized correctly, which helps with improved engagement and increases users' focus;

    complemented with appropriate hashtags, enhancing the number of people who see drafts;

    crafted using information from your competitors;

    this allows for a competitive advantage.

    Design System

    Is responsible for ensuring your visuals:

    are fully white label;

    include striking images, logos, and fonts, if provided;

    align with the image ratio and sizing needs that social platforms configure;

    add cohesion and attraction to your feed for potential customers;

    Management System

    Is responsible for ensuring your content:

    is sent to your company profiles

    is uploaded regularly with no gaps in the content;

    is published at the perfect time for the most extensive audience to see;

    complements the automated processes to ensure all offerings are seen by the viewers.

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1st July 2022

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