Connects cyclists with each other by location and voice.

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  • Cyclope is a comprehensive bike application designed to make your cycling experience more connected and informative. With features like GPS navigation, route planning, live communication, weather updates, performance tracking, and more, Cyclope is the ultimate companion for cycling enthusiasts.

    With its GPS navigation system, Cyclope allows you to plan your routes directly on your smartphone. The app calculates the route based on the type of road you choose, and displays it on a 3D map with different colors to indicate the level of difficulty. You can also view other cyclists' positions on the map and get information about their speed, distance, and slope.

    Cyclope also has a built-in walkie-talkie function that allows for real-time voice communication with other cyclists. You can select a channel for communication and activate or deactivate the microphone as needed. In addition, the app has messaging capabilities so you can coordinate with your group and indicate changes in the route.

    The app also provides weather updates, including temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and the day's forecast. Cyclope also tracks your performances and allows you to share them on social media. You can compete in the World Cycling Championship and win jerseys for being the best rider, climber, or all-around cyclist.

    The bike tracking function lets you follow the progress of your friends, and the auto-pause feature stops the stopwatch when you stop cycling. The fall detector alerts your friends in case of an emergency, and the compass helps you compare your direction with the wind direction. There is also a customizable horn feature, and battery optimization options to help conserve power.

    Along with classic features like speedometer, distance travelled, average speed, max speed, stopwatch, and clock, Cyclope also has advanced features like an altimeter, inclinometer, average slope of the course, and more. With its comprehensive range of features, Cyclope is the perfect application for anyone who loves cycling.

    Virtual cycling championship where users can compete against each other to win one of three distinctive jerseys - the Yellow Jersey, the Green Jersey, or the White Jersey with red dots. Points are awarded based on their performance and ranking, and the best cyclists at the end of each month win the World Champion jersey. The jerseys can be worn as a badge of honor on the Cyclope cycling app.

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12th December 2023

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