Generator of a positive atmosphere for everyone missing to go to bars and restaurants.


Finding the perfect place to do creative work and stay productive can be challenging, especially from home. For most people who work from home or the office for that matter, there's a specific level of the perfect amount of the "right" noise. Inside your home office, doing an intricate hobby or home improvement tasks, surrounded by constant interruptions and an unbearable amount of noise can make being productive impossible. Then again, isolating yourself in a quiet location can also be counterproductive. Defonic is a noise generator with ambient sounds that help block out distracting noises, stay focused by preventing outside disturbances, or simply create a peaceful environment. The multitude of combinations allows you to create your own perfect mix - the idea here is to take the time to listen to several so that you can pinpoint the ones that induce the most positive feelings.

Featured on
25th July 2021

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