Upgrade your webcam to make you look superb in Zoom and all videos

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  • It's Jared, the coder, and founder of We design software to help you make more professional videos and build better connections without spending a lot of time and buying plenty of new equipment.

    Here I'm excited to announce our new app called FineCam, which is the go-to webcam software that helps enhance your webcam quality with iPhone and 100+ webcam effects on your Windows PC, to make you look stunning on all your favorite video apps including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Twitch, Discord, etc.

    Most features in Apple's recently announced Continuity Camera like Portrait mode, Wireless Connection, and the new Ultra-wide Camera, are already offered by FineCam. Additionally, it's the first solution that can launch both the iPhone's front and rear cameras at the same time, place the secondary picture frame everywhere, and best of all, resize it to fit best for your video calls, and live demos, streams and more.

    Some more highlights of FineCam:

    1. We managed to leverage the power of A.I. algorithms to enhance both light and image adjustments, including IOS exposure, white balance, image hue, and much more. So users can always get better looks on their video calls.

    2. We added Unsplash API in our FineCam to deliver millions of stunning virtual background scenes. You can just use the Shuffle Background to set a fresh meeting scene in a second.

    3. FineCam gets plenty of webcams customizing features like Background Blur, Chroma Key, Background Remove, Motion Background, etc. Hides your messy room and office to avoid embarrassment and keep your audience focused on you. Beyond that, you can directly replace your background with your favorite image or video, no matter whether there is a green screen or not.

    4. With FineCam, you can set multiple videos calling scenes from all your camera sources, add/remove your branding watermarks, or you can better your look and create cinematic videos with its webcam filters and effects.

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12th July 2022

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