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  • FlixGem is a search engine for quality Netflix content.

    Netflix has a lot of quality content, but it is buried under a lot of crap. And unfortunately, searching through Netflix is not easy. FlixGem solves this problem.

    FlixGem surfaces great content in three ways:

    1. Quality Content: Only top-rated movies and shows are included. We look at ratings across IMDB. Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. If the content is rated well on any platform, we include it! This way, you avoid looking at universally low-rated content.

    2. Deep Discovery: Explore by thousands of attributes like actors, directors, sub-genre, ratings and more! Never before has it been possible to find precise movies for any attribute or mood.

    3. Hidden Gem Score: We devised a new method of highlight content that is less popular but well-rated. We call it the Hidden Gem Score. We guarantee that you will find high-quality content you’ve never heard of before.

    FlixGem is built using Polymer Search, a no-code tool that instantly turns spreadsheets into search and discovery engines.

    Happy streaming!

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10th July 2021

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