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28th May 2022

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  • Founders' Book is the "Digital Content Library" for your founders and startups supporting their continuous learning and development.

    🛠 1000+ Tools and platforms across 90+ categories

    📖 2000+ Articles and guides on different stages of startups, founder stories, best practice guides, growth hacks and many more

    🏗 MVP building blocks + Document templates

    📒 Tiny guides on Product Management, UI/UX, Landing pages, MVP development and more

    🤖 No-code Bible: All they need to know about the current no-code landscape, tools and capabilities

    📈 Financial model template

    🚀 Launch path: Actionable checklist to rocket launch their startup.

    🗓 30 Day startup: One task a day to ideate, build your prototype and validate (launch in some cases) your startup

    💼 First 90 days at their startup

    ⚙ ️Tools to support your side hustle and build online communities & a lot more!

    🥁 Go-to-Market and pitch deck plan for idea-early stage startups & many more.

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