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26th July 2022
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  • Freemance is a coin-powered community of independent freelancers who use to offer their services, grow fast, and get paid the way they want.

    Every freemancer has their own slyk, where anybody can book them for a consultation, hire them and pay them in a legal and easy way.

    Any freelancer in the world can be part of the Freemance community by joining where you can easily purchase a freemancer Slyk template with bitcoin or $FRE, our community coin.

    Earn $FRE by helping our community grow. When you purchase this template, you can apply to be included in our directory, so it’ll be easier for clients to find and hire you.

    Redeem $FRE for Freemance Growth Services to help you grow your freelance business or to launch your own coin-powered community.

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