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17th November 2022
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  • FUNCTION12 is the ultimate design-to-code automation tool for professionals such as developers, project managers, and startups.

    FUNCTION12 enables you to convert designs into React, Flutter, and HTML in a minute in production-level codes. With this developer-level tool, you can save daily hours spent on hand-coding and invest that time in other priorities to increase production quality.

    Some of the features include:

    • Full code export in the selected framework

    • Developer-level code quality that can be applied to the production immediately

    • Detecting layout automatically

    • Identifying and importing components when syncing/importing design projects

    • Gizmo, a visual support to show necessary information of designs

    • Real-time preview and code update for all edits

    • Multiple resolution preview

    • Dock UI for personalized work environment

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