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13th March 2022

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  • — a free online platform with many well-known board games and own creations. The focus is on the fun factor: play any game with up to 20 friends. Each game can be configured according to your preferences, so you can play it the way you know and love it.

    The GeoGuess game will be fun for you if you like traveling or if you were good at geography. The goal is to find out where you are on the map and mark this point on the world map. However, you should be closer than your friends in order to score well! After each round, the map will change and you will be somewhere else in the world. But watch out: highly addictive!

    Crazy Eights will feel like you’ve been playing it all your life: it plays like Mau-Mau or UNO. You can play Crazy Eights with up to 9 players, and the goal is to get your cards down as quickly as possible, and of course, don’t forget to say “UNO” when you get the last card in your hand.

    How lucky are you at rolling the dice? Find out with a round of Yatzy. Many people here know this classic game as Kniffel or Yahtzee. The best thing about it is that you can play together with up to 20 friends. Will you get the bonus or will you manage the legendary Yatzy, which only has a probability of 0.59%? Try it out!

    The biggest classic game on the platform is City, Country, River — known at as Categories. The well-known word and guessing game supports almost limitless creativity while playing. Decide for yourself which categories to set or which not (like river). You can also add your own categories. Also the letters and the number of rounds can be chosen freely. The player who has the most unique terms wins.

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