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18th June 2022

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  • Hellonext is the most powerful feature request collection platform. With powerful features like feedback boards, product roadmap, and changelog tools, you get everything you need to capture feedback, plan your roadmap, and update users all in one platform.

    Hellonext is a bootstrapped business, and the team has been pushing out updates every day, and major feature releases for all customers every 14 days.

    Hellonext enables your team to make data informed decisions to build the most meaningful product for your users.

    With feedback boards → Gather user feedback, feature requests and insights in your own feedback portal. Keep all the feedback organized in one place.

    With roadmap → Prioritize your product roadmap with data from your feedback boards. Share your product roadmap with your users. Simple & easy.

    With changelog → Announce new features and product releases to your users with changelog widgets on Hellonext. Increase new feature awareness amoung users.

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