Hop2 URL Shortener

Powerful URL shortener with A/B testing, QR codes, analytics, and more

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13th December 2021
E Commerce

Having an issue?

  • Where are your customers from?

    At what time do people click on your links? What devices do they use?

    Hop2 is a URL shortener that will answer all of these questions.

    Not only that you can track every click (visitor's location, device, operating system, ...) but you can also generate QR codes, protect your links with a password, redirect visitors based on their country, A/B test, and more.

    How is this different from Bitly? Bitly Premium costs at least 5 times more. They do not offer features like A/B testing or password protection and they put a bitly logo on your QR codes.

    Try Hop2 for free.

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