Transform Google Drive folders into searchable wikis


Getting your team to contribute and use your company wiki is a challenge.

Teams are forced to use products they hate like Confluence.

When people hate their wiki, they don't use it; making it harder for your teams to collaborate effectively.

Kbee transforms Google Drive folders into a searchable wiki for you, your team, or your customers. All you need to do is create content in Google Docs and relax.

Kbee does the heavy lifting of publishing your content in a searchable wiki that can be securely shared with whoever you choose.

Empower your team to easily contribute to your wiki. Creating a new wiki article is as simple as creating a Google Doc.

Help your users find answers fast with advanced full-text search across all of your content.

Keep your content secure with access-management controls that allow you to decide who can access your wiki

Extend Google Workspace to give your team a professional wiki that just works.

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9th April 2021
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