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6th September 2022

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  • Kounteq is a fintech business specialising in integrating (SaaS) Finance & Operation apps. Based on our experience in this area, we are developing an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that combines hundreds of distributed cloud apps into a consolidated dashboard overview.

    Working closely with SMEs, most business owners who use distributed cloud apps complain that they lack real-time visibility across platforms and struggle with managing access for employees leaving the company. Therefore, it’s difficult to react quickly to company changes, as well as make informed decisions as the company scales.

    Our solution is a plug-and-play platform consolidating these cloud-based finance and operations apps into one dashboard. It helps businesses keep track of KPIs in real time by using widgets, validating their data across platforms, and keeping on top of security protocols and access management. We are currently at the stage of developing our MVP.

    Our platform will be sold as a 3-tier monthly subscription, depending on the number of apps that customers want to add to their dashboard. It will also be advertised in the marketplace of our partnered apps, such as Xero and Quickbooks. Kounteq will continue to grow the agency business, targeting government and enterprise integration projects alongside the SME integration work.

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