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19th June 2022

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  • Latana is an advanced brand tracker for fast-growing consumer brands who want to make better marketing decisions.

    Use Latana to:

    Understand how consumers think and feel about your brand

    With Latana, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by understanding your consumers' brand perception and how it changes over time.

    Get insights on your target audiences

    Our solution provides high-quality insights into your brand's most valuable customer groups. Our machine learning technology provides the ability to zoom in on the audiences that drive your business.

    Gain access to cutting-edge research expertise

    Get industry-leading analytics that drives your brand forward. Our team of experienced researchers provides end-to-end support, using tried and tested methodologies to ensure data you can trust.

    Track your brand in just one city or across the world

    Benefit from unlimited geographic granularity and scalability, allowing you to track brand performance anywhere from your local city to 100+ countries worldwide.

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