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8th September 2022

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  • Learning Loop helps users spend 10x less time searching how to learn a skill, by showcasing how other people mastered it and offering competence-based and demographic filters on top of it.


    Learning a new skill online has become impossible for most people:

    ● There is no universal starting point - There are 400 to 4000 online courses for the topics majority of internet users are searching to learn online, and over 10,000 videos and blog posts.

    ● Too much content, no effective filters - Too many unsuccessful search attempts for finding the right learning resources make users feel stupid and quit their learning journey.

    ● People learn in silos and their learning insights aren’t transparent- Millions of people have been learning the same things every day, for years, yet there is no easy-to-discover information on the best ways to learn something

    Anyone can be great at anything, given the right guidance, but finding guidance has become too hard. Most people live a lifetime and die without learning what they can love and be great at.

    That aside, learning is generally hard. When you learn something new, you feel temporarily incompetent. The world’s learning interfaces aren’t designed with that in mind, and therefore fail most users in their learning journey.


    Learning is acquiring the right knowledge related to your learning goal, in a timely manner.

    We are building towards a software product that helps anyone learn anything they want and be great at it.

    Our starting point: a platform that helps startup founders find hyper local startup lessons documented by seasoned founders, neatly organized in categories such as fundraising, sales, product, growth, hiring, fully searchable with hyper-local filters such as funding stage, region, industry, and investor.

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