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  • Minutiae is an anti-social media app free from likes, comments, and profiles. Once a day at the exact same minute all participants around the world receive a daily alert. At the alert, they have one minute to capture whatever is in front of them there and then. The result is thousands of complete strangers capturing ordinary moments of their life at the exact same time together creating a global ritual of self-documentation.

    Once the participants have captured his/her moment they have a one-minute window to view their own timeline of previously taken photos or with the tap of a button get matched with a complete stranger. The experience offers a highly intimate view into a stranger’s life before the app closes down and the process is repeated again the following day at a different minute.

    The project continues for 1440 days until every single minute in a day has been captured creating a highly unique journal of what really happened in life as opposed to what we tend to remember.

    The project has been called:

    Wired Magazine: “The curious app the captures your unfiltered life”

    Financial Times: “Anti-social photo app offers Antidote to Facebook and Instagram”

    Minutiae is 100% artist-led and created by photographer Martin Adolfsson and neuroscientist Daniel J Wilson the app was built by the developer studio UsTwo. First released in the App Store in 2017 with the Android version due to be released during Spring 2021.

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16th March 2021

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