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12th May 2022

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I used to live from day to day, every month I spent all my income, I had no savings and I didn't invest my money.

If there was an emergency, an unexpected expense came up or I wanted to go on vacation, I had a hard time. That month I had to control everything I did, stop eating out, stop going out and cut back on every expense, in order to be able to deal with that emergency or whim.

When I decided to control my money I started, I tried all the apps on the market and none of them worked for me.

In some I had to enter, by hand, every expense I made. In others I had to make a budget for each category and plan how I was going to spend my money in the coming months.

I want to save, I want to control my expenses (and all my wealth actually) without having to spend hours every week and that's why I created monse.

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