Nap O'Clock

Kids won't sleep? We can help!

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8th June 2021

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  • Nap O'Clock is a simple but effective white-noise generator designed to calm and help your loved one to sleep using one of five popular sounds:

    * Womb

    * Rain

    * Fan

    * Shhh

    * Vacuum

    Nap O'Clock can work on all mobile phones, Apple Watch and we also have a wonderful Alexa Intent available for Amazon Echo and related devices.

    You can use the Nap O'Clock app to do the following:

    * Help your baby sleep.

    * Help your baby develop good sleeping patterns.

    * De-stress and relax your baby.

    * Help YOU to get much-needed rest.

    Nap O'Clock provides the following features:

    * 5 calming sounds that automatically loop.

    * Day for on-the-go and night mode so the brightness doesn't disturb the baby.

    * Modern look and feel.

    * Absolutely free, no subscriptions or sign-up necessary.

    * Instructional advice on how to help your baby sleep.

    * App plays in the background so you can use other apps simultaneously.

    * Unlimited play.

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