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Reject cookies and remove cookie banners automatically

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  • Ninja Cookie is an easy-to-use, free browser extension that rejects cookies and automatically removes cookie banners.

    Opt-out of non-essential cookies with ease!

    Ninja Cookie is a browser extension that automatically removes cookie banners by rejecting the use of non-essential cookies.

    Get yourself heard: say “no” to the collection of your data!

    Do you always click on “I agree” just to make life easier?

    Why not be a little more careful without any difficulty and protect your privacy with Ninja Cookie? The ninja will reject for you the use of non-essential cookies. That is much better for your privacy.

    Enjoy Internet browsing without the worry of cookie banners!

    Is clicking on the same buttons over and over again boring? Do cookie banners drive you insane?

    Ninja Cookie can take care of them for you. The ninja automatically recognizes and removes them after setting them up properly. Now you can browse the web with peace of mind.

    Save time and clicks!

    How much time do you waste clicking on cookie banners?

    Ninja Cookie is the easiest way to get rid of them. By automatically configuring cookie pop-ups, Ninja Cookie saves you time and thousands of unnecessary clicks.

Featured on
29th January 2021
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