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  • OneSimpleApi was born out of the idea that there should be a simple way of achieving complex features, when working with no-code tools.

    A toolbox, where you can find all the APIs that will make your creation go the extra mile: Just... One Simple API.

    This initial release has 4 APIs that you can test out today for free.

    All users registering during the launch will have the "Early adopter" badge, and will always get special perks.

    Expand a Shortened Link URL: simple way to retrieve the original URL from a shortened URL

    Screenshots: With the API you can take website screenshots easy, fast, and with pixel-perfect quality!

    PDF Generator: Our PDF conversion API is the easiest way to create pdfs from HTML, with perfect quality. You don’t need to write complex code to create PDFs for your apps and projects.

    Web Page information, Meta tags, Twitter card & Open Graph: Do you need all the SEO information on a Page? With you can retrieve Title, description, meta tags, open graph, Twitter card, (even headers if you want) all with just one API!

    We actually have a 5th API, for those math inclined:

    Divide by zero: We created an API tells you the true result of dividing a number by zero.

    You might be wondering, there are many sites that let me do some of these things, what's the difference here?

    1 - I strive to make it simple, all the way around. So you only spend the minimum time needed to have it working and you're done. OneSimpleApi takes care of the complexities, you enjoy your time.

    2 - Yes, there are many separate options, but nobody wants 5 different subscriptions to keep up with. The idea of a toolbox is that you will just need one, and have all the things you need available for you. And they will be simple to implement!

    Just one more thing...

    I'm always driven by the users feedback. You can see what are the APIs that will be available soon, and also suggest the ones you need. I build in public @pablius and my DMs are always open.

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31st March 2021

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