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  • Queues is a productivity tool for team members. It provides you with your own private space for managing your own collaborative work.

    **Background**: Modern teams use a wide set of collaborative tools for their work, many of which have become **streams of work** for the team **individuals**.

    **The problem**: Our work as individuals is scattered around multiple tools and places. It is **not organized** according to the person that actually performs it- **us**!

    **The solution**: Queues provides you with **your own** private space for managing **your own** collaborative work, as sourced from the multiple tools your team uses.

    **How it works**:

    1. Get all collaboration updates from the multiple tools your team uses in one personalized feed

    2. Easily convert updates that require further action to synced tasks

    3. Reflect on all your work- smartly ordered by impact, and organized according to your own context

    +. Learn from your habits and become more productive

Featured on
1st November 2021
Remote Work

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