Quolum is your full-stack solution for SaaS procurement

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19th March 2022

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  • Over 30% of SaaS purchases worldwide are unused. Quolum is the first of its kind, SaaS Management and Payments solution rolled as one. Using an expense card hyper-optimized for SaaS, cloud, and digital payments, Quolum brings spend management, SaaS visibility, and utilization tracking.

    IT and Finance teams love us as we eliminate paperwork, save hours of manual work every week, and save hard cash. Move from hundreds of bills to be paid to a single one. Aggregate invoices. Cancel pesky subscriptions. We do it all.

    Think of Quolum as both the front-end payment solution, as well as the back-end optimizer for all your SaaS spend. Quolum helps companies make better SaaS purchase, renewal, and cancellation decisions. How? By being the man-in-the-middle. To help you pay, and help track consumption.

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