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  • Sampld is a sound-sharing platform made for musicians and content creators, where they can find quality sounds for free. In a nutshell, it's Unsplash for sounds.

    We understand that finding sounds can be daunting at times, be it for background music, beat for a song, or just an SFX. That's why we built Sampld - to help people share and use sounds that are both royalty-free and free to download.

    Some use cases:

    🎸: download and use in your music, or simply use the platform to find inspirations

    🎬: Put the sounds for a video or movie as background music

    🎙: Find a jingle song for a podcast segment

    🤳🏻: Use it for your TikTok/IG Story/Reels/YouTube shorts

    We have around 2000 first-party samples available to download, with about 20 added in every week.

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17th January 2022

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