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9th July 2022

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  • Fast and reliable screenshot API built to handle millions of screenshots a month.

    Screenshots will look great on any display, including ones with a higher pixel density like Apple's Retina Display.

    Supports web fonts and emojis 😎. No more broken characters. Our screenshot API renders emojis and web fonts perfectly.

    It is scalable. Keep calm and make millions of screenshots a month without the hassle. Our API is built in the cloud from day one with scaling in mind to satisfy needs of any size.

    Save time and money by avoiding the burden of managing browser clusters and handling all the pitfalls.

    Setup is easy. Start taking screenshots in minutes. Our screenshot API is language agnostic and supports any programming language.

    You can emulate mobile devices or any screen size to take responsive screenshots. No worries, everything is covered.

    Try it, you will like it.

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