Web-based server management and SSH access control

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29th March 2022
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  • Providing web-based Server Management, ServerAuth helps software agencies and development teams manage server access and security. With features such as SSH Access Management, Cron Job Management, Server Monitoring, Security Updates and more.

    The built-in SSH Access Control platform provides teams with the option of enabling scheduled SSH access - ideal when working with contractors who only need access during work hours.

    The Server Monitoring platform provides full visibility of key server metrics such as CPU, RAM and Disk Space usage, with a rolling 14-day graph based display of server stats.

    Cron Job Management allows your team to manage recurring tasks on your server, such as enabling backup scripts, job queues and more.

    With an ever evolving range of Server Management and Security features ServerAuth is an ideal full-stack Server Management platform for web agencies, software development houses, web hosting providers and more.

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