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The bible journaling and church notes app

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  • The Christian Note-taking app. Express, organise and share in a single system built for Christians with features customised to you.


    - Scripture auto-complete -

    Type verses and watch them appear instantly. Using intelligent software Spirit Notes understands when you're writing a scripture and will search for it. Scriptures conveniently get inserted into your notes. All of it automatically, within a matter of milliseconds.

    Currently 13 translations available: NIV, ESV, NKJV, MSG, ASV, NIrV, CSB, NLT, TPT, WEB, NIrVUK, NIVUK, KJV

    - Custom Bible Reader -

    With the ability to choose from a huge number of fonts and also completely customise your colours, you can personalise your Bible to your own style! It will also link your Notes with Bible references, allowing for you to read all your notes you’ve made about a Bible Verse quickly and easily. Wherever there is a highlighted verse in your Bible Reader you can tap and see all your Notes that have this verse in them.

    - Record & write -

    Spirit Notes keeps all your notes and recordings together. No more switching apps during a service or piecing together files later on. Stay organised & stay focused.

    - Time-stamping -

    Revisit, reflect & recall information quicker than ever. As you take notes the time is saved with your points. Afterwards you can tap next to the text to re-listen to the exact time that a point was made. Save time & headaches by quickly finding moments of sermons.

    - Collate & organise -

    Find notes quicker than ever with specific fields like preacher and title. Add tags to group by topics. Place into notebooks to group by ministries, conferences, events and more. That pastor from four years ago that you heard a great sermon from. Easy.

    - Sharing -

    A Spirit Note holds all your recordings, text, scriptures, images and more together. Send everything in one single link to a friend or family member easily. They can read your notes, listen to the recording and write their own thoughts down too. How great is that?

    + Everything else.

    Spirit Notes was created for Christians, every decision is made specifically to enhance your experience.

Featured on
26th March 2022

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