Schedule based to-do list & task manager

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  • Taskito is a personal organizer which aggregates tasks, reminders, habits and calendar events in a Timeline. This schedule based approach makes Taskito one of the most helpful to-do list app.

    With a simple design at core, this task management app goes one step further by providing projects where you can create plans and track your progress. Taskito offers one of the most flexible ways to create recurring tasks & repeating reminders.

    Taskito is highly customizable. It comes with 15 themes & widgets. You can customize what you want to see in your Timeline, change the order of items, notification configurations, different settings for widgets.

    Taskito is an offline first app, but we offer real time synchronization with any number of Android devices. We are planning to make a web & iOS app in the next few months.

Featured on
7th June 2021

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