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  • is a community of people who like to expand their knowledge in different subjects. It's a place where curious people learn new things together!

    We pick a topic each month & learn it in a span of 4 weeks through different ways of learning.

    Week #1 - Presentation

    Skim through an visual based presentation on the topic which will be of 10+ slides.

    Week #2 - Article

    Read thoroughly researched, articulated & FAQ-style article to dive deeper into the topic.

    Week #3 - Meetup

    Once a month meetup, full of learning, discussions & QnA about what you have learnt.

    Week #4 - Revision

    Revise what you learnt the whole month & get a personalized report to apply in your work-life.

    The content is made easier to grasp & understand, considering human attention span & value of time.

Featured on
27th September 2021

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