That meeting could have been an Undiffer update

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5th November 2022

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  • That meeting could have been an email Undiffer update!

    That meeting could have been an Undiffer update!

    Manage your daily standups faster and track progress better, a-sync or in real-time

    Why use a standup tool?

    Move away from long drawn meetings, and other distractions. Here's why shorter online updates on Undiffer are needed:

    People get late.

    In turn, the meeting gets late, and so does everyone’s day!

    Someone starts a rant.

    Always. This leads to everyone having to listen to problems not relevant to them.

    Teams are increasingly remote.

    Making it important to have tools for time zone & location agnostic a-sync check-ins.

    Benefits of undiffer :

    Fuel a culture of transparency

    Because everyone has shared access, teams that use Undiffer can make informed decisions and take ownership of their tasks.

    Bid goodbye to small talk

    Our users mitigate irrelevant meetings/calls and focus the team's energy on overall progress that is much more focused.

    Plan every day better for yourself and your team

    The streamlined progress tracking and status updates give Undiffer users a steady hold on the team's daily, weekly and overall performance.

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