Turn everyday hydration into a fun habit

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Waterful is a fresh take on hydration apps. With multiple healthy challenges to take,

friendly notifications to follow & our cute octopus to keep you company, staying

hydrated becomes fun.

The main features include:

- Cute app hero: a friendly hydration coach that keeps you hydrated and happy

about yourself

- 6 unique challenges / 20 badges: focused on specific benefits (e.g. better focus,

happier mood, weight control), they add fun & consistency to your daily water


- Personalized daily goal: takes gender, weight, activity level & even current

weather into account

- Custom reminders: smart enough not to disturb you when you’re hydrated,

asleep, etc.

- Wide drinks catalog: takes into account how different drinks really hydrate you

- Meaningful Statistics & streaks: your remarkable progress shown in vivid

motivating graphs

- Speed & convenience: multiple ways to log a drink (notifications, widgets,

favorites list or app’s main view)

- iOS 14 widgets: 3 versions, including a Tamagotchi-like widget with the current

octopus mood


- 100% free app

- Ad-supported

- An ad-free premium version sold as :

- a subscription (€1 for monthly, €7 for yearly)

- or lifetime access (€9 )

Featured on
15th May 2021

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