Independent P2P remittance and donations tool for ukraine

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17th June 2022

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  • Hi I’m Camilo. I’m from Cuba 🇨🇺 where the financial system and local money don’t work very well. This is for many reasons: socialism, the U.S. embargo, and sanctions against our government, just to name a few.

    Since the people of Ukraine have similar problems due to the war, I created these templates to help people and businesses in Ukraine with remittance and donations. I think Slyk can also help people in Ukraine suffering from disruptions in their local money or banking systems in the same way we use it in Cuba. And so I made these templates for Ukraine based on what has worked in Cuba.

    Help Ukraine people earn money as Independent P2P Remittance agents, helping friends and family convert crypto & fiat to e-UAH or cash delivery.

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