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  • Hi Awesome Indies 👋 , We - Albert, Vlad, and I (Javier) - are thrilled to present Brainwave.

    In Short: Brainwave is a customer service automation tool capable of resolving over 70% of your customers' inquiries. Our solution automates text-based responses and actions.

    ❌ Problem

    Support demands can become overwhelming, especially for B2C/B2B SaaS, e-Commerce, Marketplace, and FinTech companies. You likely have an ever-growing number of support tickets, with your current bot, such as Intercom or Zendesk, only addressing 30% of issues after extensive training. This situation is time-consuming, costly, and often leads to customer frustration and dropouts.

    ✨ Our Solution

    Our Automatic Answering Bot:

    - Enhances your existing bot's efficiency by 2-3x, increasing containment to 70-90% by learning from your FAQs, website, and text training.

    - Provides precise answers, ensuring customer satisfaction.

    - More than a simple embeddings search into GPT. Our proprietary model automates and executes actions like collecting leads or scheduling meetings.

    - Conducts the required actions promptly when specific conditions are met, such as saving a contact email from an interested prospect.

    ⚙️ How It Works

    - We start with an initial call to understand your needs, supporting multiple languages and integrations. If you prefer, you can handle the configuration and reach out to us when needed.

    - We present an automatability report with real backtest results using our bot and propose a tailored solution.

    - We offer a 1-month pilot phase where we customize integrations and features specifically for your needs. You can relax, there's no engineering lift from your end.

    - We proceed to an official rollout with our solution set, which will then become entirely self-served.

    🙏 Our Ask

    - If your team is swamped with support tickets (over 50 tickets daily with a minimum of 2 customer support agents), let us assist you by scheduling a call with us.

    - If you know someone who could benefit from our solution, please connect us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

    - If you appreciate what we're building, feel free to share and contact us.

    Thank you!

Featured on
1st April 2024

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