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5th August 2022

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  • Build advanced charts for Notion in a minute 1. Pick your chart type: bars, calendars, KPI, radar,... 2. Prepare your data: group, split, filter, sort 3. Customise that chart: from colors to axis rotation, and legend position 4. Import your chart to Notion

    🌟 What you can do? - The chart you want: bars, lines, pie/donut, single KPI, radars - Unlimited number of rows while loading quickly - Multi-series: display multiple columns in the same chart - Filter rows: keep only the relevant data, ie keep only rows with the date of today or after a specified date, hide empty rows, ... - Splits: divide your data with another value like a label - Customization: not only colors but a bunch of other customization parameters like line styles, labels, value format (dollar, rounded value,...) - Dark mode compatible with Notion - Public link: for publishing on your own website: made with Notion or any other tool - Row as series: visualize a single row as a chart

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