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10th June 2022
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  • This App solves the problem that some files cannot be previewed in macOS Finder, Quick Look, Spotlight, and provides many practical functions, such as Code Highlighting, Markdown & Jupyter rendering preview, Webp & Avif picture preview and display picture size, supports a variety of 3d model files and Animation preview, support Dark mode, etc. Help you greatly improve the macOS experience and work efficiency.

    💻 Available also on Mac AppStore.

    🚀 Features

    👨‍💻 Source Code

    • Supported multiple Source Code file, .js, jsx, tsx, .vue, .css, .less, .scss, .wxml, .wxss, .ux, objc, .swift, .java, .kotlin, .dart, .py, .rb, .rs, .go, .R, .f90, .pl, .jl, .json, .yml, .list, .properties, .gradle, .iml and many more.

    • Supported Dark Mode and multiple Syntax highlight theme.

    📄 Document

    • Supported Markdown, Jupyter.

    • Supported Math typeset.

    📦 3D Models

    • Supported multiple 3d Model file, .3ds, .ac, .ase, .b3d, .blend, .cob, .dae, .csm, .dxf, .fbx, .lwo, .md2, .md5mesh, .mdl, .ms3d, .nff, .obj, .off,.ply, .q3o, .smd, .stl and many more.

    • Render mode, Phsics, Bounding boxes, Wireframe, Skeleton, etc.

    • Animation.

    🏞 Images

    • Supported Webp, Avif, eps.

    • Supported display image size.

    💼 Archive

    • Supported .zip, .7z, .gz, .rar, .tar.

    • Supported display file name, size, date.

    💬 Subtitle

    • Supported .ass, .srt.

    ⚙️ Other

    • README, LICENSE, Gemfile, Podfile, Makefile, Dockerfile and many more.

    🧐 How to use

    • You can disable or re-enable iPreview in System Preferences > Extensions;

    🥰 Thanks a lot for checking and have a nice day & stay safe.

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