The world's first study timer with custom targets


If you are a serial procrastinator πŸ¦₯, Milki is for you.


Sick of pulling all nighters for your studies 😴 or loosing momentum on that side project?

With Milki, you can set variable daily targets and track against them over time, its not even fair πŸš€

With Milki, you can set variable daily targets 🎯 for each activity and track against them over a defined period e.g. 2 weeks or 2 months. The Actual vs. Target (worm πŸ›) chart is incredibly powerful at keeping you on track, you can visually track your performance over the period. No other study timer app does this πŸ†

Milki also uses the Pomodoro productivity hack of 25 minute intervals. With the combination of the Pomodoro technique & Actual vs. Target tracking, you will be shocked at the improvement for your study, work or side projects πŸ”₯

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14th April 2021
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