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26th April 2022
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  • Mue replaces your default new tab page with a simple, inspiring and very customisable start page. Each time you open a new tab you are greeted with a new hand-picked inspirational quote and beautiful background. The simplistic yet inviting design helps you focus on your work while still providing a feature rich experience. It is constantly being improved to provide you with the best experience possible while keeping the impact on your browser minimal. Mue comes with a settings modal to allow for a massive amount of customisation to make the extension perfect for you and inspire creativity.

    Features Include:

    * Quote widget allowing for either our hand-picked inspirational quotes or a custom one

    * Beautiful curated backgrounds from Mue, Unsplash and Pexels

    * Set custom backgrounds from your computer or a URL, or set a custom background colour/gradient

    * Greeting widget with personalisation and support for birthdays and events such as new years

    * Search bar with clean autocomplete dropdown and voice support

    * Quick links widget letting you easily visit your favourite websites

    * Weather widget can show temperature, humidity, and more

    * Support for multiple languages

    * Marketplace to get free photo packs, quote packs and preset settings from the community

    We believe in user transparency therefore Mue does not collect personal data and is entirely open source, and easily readable at

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