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  • Obsidian is a decentralized 2 Factor Authenticator (2FA) app for both iOS and MacOS.

    You can use it to store your OTP (TOTP/HOTP) secrets, it will take care of keeping them safe and providing you with the correct token when needed.

    Why is it secure?

    Obsidian stores all your tokens in your Apple Keychain, the most secure place in your device. Obsidian is fully decentralized, that means your data never leaves the Apple Keychain. No other app can access your tokens, nor do we.

    Why Apple Sign-In?

    Apple Sign-In is required only when you purchase Obsidian Fusion and want to share it among iOS and MacOS. It will take care of transferring your purchase between Operating Systems while preserving your Privacy.

    What is OTP?

    OTP stands for One Time Password, it usually represent a tokens that refreshes every 30 seconds and is requested by systems upon signing in to a new device. This means that even if an attacker steals your password for your Instagram account he/she will not be able to use it. Obsidian will keep you safe in case you get hacked.

    Why should I use Obsidian when I have already a Password Manager?

    If you have a password manager like 1Password, LastPass or Dashlane you are off to a great start, but it’s always best to separate your 2FA tokens from your passwords, for the same reason you don’t keep your Credit Card and Pin in the same wallet.

Featured on
16th February 2021

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