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15th March 2022
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  • Stacket - Webflow to GitHub Export Automated!

    It takes your Webflow Site, optimizes it and uploads the changes to GitHub every time automated when you change something in your Webflow Site.

    The main benefit is that you finally can build your own Stack upon Webflow. Whether its a functional web app, or you want to move the exported images to a own image server, it unlocks you all possibilities!

    It also solves the GDPR privacy issue, it optimizes automatically the images into WebP or even AVIF (newest image codec on earth), can lazy images, videos, iframes and even javascript files and heavily optimizes your static or CMS Site without any effort by you.

    It not only optimizes the website, you can also avoid the massive Webflow Hosting costs by exporting your site to a location you want.


    - Automated Export from Webflow to Github

    - Availability to create any stack upon GitHub you wish (Vercel, Netlify, S3)

    - Support for Exporting CMS pages

    - Track Design Changes from Webflow (line per line)

    - Support for multi-folder structures

    - Automatic Image Optimization (WebP & AVIF)

    - Lazy Loading Images

    - Lazy Loading Videos

    - Lazy Loading Iframes

    - Async JavaScript Loading

    - Intelligent Prefetching

    - Inline CSS


    - Availability to create any stack upon GitHub you wish (Vercel, Netlify, S3)

    - Maintain granular control of the code Webflow is producing your own github repository

    - Version Control of your Website

    - Way better website performance

    - Get rid out of non GDPR regulations and host it in your environment

    - View the exact design changes at code level and see what Webflow has been changed or broke

    - Run your Webflow CMS as static pages

    - Avoid Expensive Webflow Costs

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