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3rd October 2022

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  • The Legists is an A.I. algorithmic data mining platform providing legal jobs globally.

    Whether you're looking to advance your career, break into the industry or find your next employee, The Legists is your stepping stone to make that happen.

    We advertise a broad range of roles from private practices (sole practitioners, boutique firms, City firms, national firms), international and US firms, in-house organisations, and the public sector.

    We host opportunities for partners, solicitors, in-house lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, administration, clerks, consultants, locums, secretaries, and all support staff.

    Sourcing the ‘right’ employee can be strenuous. Finding the ‘right’ firm or organisation can be challenging. That's why we’ve tailored our platform to benefit both recruiters and candidates by providing a user-friendly system with maximum exposure to job listings and unique technical functionalities.

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